Lesser known facts about Gullah culture

Hilton Head Island offers a great and varied history and culture complemented by yummy local food, brilliant outdoor activities, beautiful beaches, and many more. Though you will not get blaring neon signs here, the sustainable living and relaxing lifestyle will attract you.


And the most beautiful among them is Gullah Geechee culture. Uncover the hidden facts of Hilton Head by planning your trip.

  1. Delicious cultural flavor

One of the ideal ways to get acquainted with the culture of the island is through the incredible cuisine. The flavor of the Lowcountry cuisine will awestruck you.  ‘Lowcountry’ refers to the coastal region of South Carolina. You can walk to the restaurants that offer fresh and local ingredients paired with wines and craft beers.

  1. Discover natural history

For a fun-filled experience, visit the Coastal Discovery Museum. You can take guided tours as well as enjoy exhibits that educate the visitors about the cultural heritage and natural history of the Lowcountry. You will love butterfly enclosure that houses 13 different species of native butterflies.


  1. Step back in time

Mitchelville Freedom Park is a preserved historic site. Formed by a group of island residents in 2005, it is intended to preserve a portion of the historic area, which was once the USA’s first post-Civil War settlement for freed slaves.

  1. Explore Gullah history

Have you ever heard of Gullah people? If you haven’t, then you should visit this place during your vacation. Gullah people are the descendants of the West African people. They maintain a lifestyle that is different from the ones with which you are familiar with. Gullah people speak in Creole language. Moreover, you can learn about their culture, tradition, cuisine, folklore, songs and many more. Established by Louise Miller Cohen in 2003, it is a non-profit organization and visiting it would be an amazing educational experience for you.

Gullah Heritage Trail Tours works to make the travelers aware of the culture and tradition of the place. If you are planning your tour in this land, get the assistance from the travel guides. Do you have any queries that you want to resolve? Feel free to talk them at 1-843-681-7066

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