Hilton Head Tour Should Have These 6 Places

With sandy beaches, great golf courses and a diverse choice of activities, Hilton Head Island is a beautiful touristy vacation destination in South Carolina. Interlaced with an extensive network of trails, tourists can explore it by bike or on foot.

Interested in the story of Hilton Head Island?

Gullah refers not only to a language but to the heritage which bolstered by the resiliency of courage and a vibrant community. It remains one of the most culturally distinctive African American populations in the US. They established a rich culture with authentic West African components while they were in isolated coastal settlements on the Sea Islands along the southeastern US. Today, their distinctive language, history, food, economic setup and artistic traditions make the Hilton head tours a fascinating place to visit.

So if you are planning for a one-of-a-kind vacation, here’s what you should include in the list:

Coligny Beach: The Island’s most popular beach, Coligny is a favorite place to enjoy for both the locals and visitors alike because of its location. What make it a great place to hang out at the end of the day are the many beach bars that line the shore. When you need to take a break from the blistering Carolina heat, this beach is certainly a refreshing option. Although it is clearly trafficked because of its popularity, the beach’s spacious shoreline affords plenty of room for everyone to find a relaxing time and make it a perfect tropical getaway. No Hilton Head Vacation is complete without a trip to the Coligny beach.

coligny beach

Bike Trails: Frankly, there is no need for cars on Hilton Head as the Island is twelve miles long and five miles wide. One can go from place to place while enjoying spectacular natural beauties on a leisurely bike trip.

Coastal Discovery Museum: If you want to find out the littlest conservationist inside you, a visit to the museum is perfect. Amidst lush trails with views of majestic oak trees, you can learn about the regions’ history, culture and art. If you want to know more about South Carolina’s Lowcountry, its natural history, and cultural heritage, plan your trip according to the many programs, excursions, courses, and festivals organized by the museum.

Coastal Discovery Museum

Harbour Town: One of the most charming places to visit in Hilton head tours offering plenty of activities to keep you entertained. There is a 90-foot red-and-white striped lighthouse which is certainly the perfect place for the selfie pros. an incredible view of the water and the town below is something you should not miss.

Shelter Cove Town Centre: If this is the first place you visit, you might have a hard time believing that it started as an uninspiring and struggling mall not long ago which today have thousands of tourists with excellent shops and some great restaurants.

Mitchelville Freedom Park: This gorgeous outdoor space was established in 2005 and is part of the Gullah Heritage Trail. This was the first settlement made by the enslaved people who escaped before the Civil War. It marks a very important piece of African American history. This beach grants travelers privacy and a visit to the culture at the same time.

Mitchelville Freedom Park.jpg

Surrounded by gorgeous marshland and stretches of beach, Hilton Head Island is indeed a beautiful vacation place with your loved ones.

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