5 Reasons That Make Hilton Head Tour Interesting

The Gullah Geechee culture that inhibits the Sea Islands of Georgia has maintained their indigenous traditions from West Africa since the mid-1700s. Language, spirituality, agriculture, festivals are some of the traditions which have been passed on from the earlier generations and are very specifically linked to the West African ethnic groups who were enslaved on island plantations till the antislavery laws in Georgia was passed.

Tourists, who are interested in culture and Gullah Heritage Trail Tours, can make the short list about the following before they visit the place.

Gullah Neighborhoods

Gullah neighborhoods consist of a group of extended families spiritual leaders, Praise House, essential craftsmen, food processing mills and a regular conveyance to the waterway. They have uniquely autonomous administration channel and the Hilton Head Island exemplifies how the people lived in the late 1860s. Stoney, Jonesville, Gardner Marshland, Simmons Fishing Camp, Union Cemetery, Squire Pope, Spanish Wells, Chaplin, First African Baptist Church and Queen Chapel AME Church are some of the highlights you should not miss in Hilton head tours.


Soon after the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862 was declared, the people of Mitchelville soon after made a new, self-governed culture with the idea that it will serve as the guidepost for the future generations. Situated on Hilton Head Island, SC, Mitchelville portrays one of the finest of the Gullah Cultural Heritage Corridor and is reminiscent of the fact how the old world had so much more to its aesthetics what we clear miss in the urban setup. The guides are interested to share more information about Mitchelville Preservation Project for those who are curious.

Coastal Discovery Museum

It is indeed one of the most memorable Hilton head activities which bring you closer to the natural history and cultural heritage on what is initially a 68 acre Honey Horn property. The Museum makes learning about the folks fun-filled and interesting through the various story telling sessions and guided tours.

Juke joints

The late 1940’s had many Gullah neighborhoods with popular, rustic dance halls which served food, drinks and music and they were called the juke joints. The concept became more popular when the folks became aware of the mainland-ish entertainment technology. About a 12 mile stretch of Hilton Head Island beach was originally used by the Gullah families and church picnics before there was resorts made here.

hilton head activities

Gullah Museum of Hilton Head Island

This is a non-profit organization which is responsible for preserving the culture, history, traditions, language, customs, and other structures of the Island. They have plans to contain an art gallery, a garden, a Praise House and a large meeting room in the near future.

Not just the above mentioned places that make way in the Hilton head tours, some of the other attractions in the area also consist of:

• First Freedom Village Historic Marker
• Gullah Family Compounds
• Plantation Tabby Ruins
• Old One-room School House
• Old Debarkation Point

So if you have plans with your friends and family to go to some place lesser travelled by, Gullah heritage is definitely one of the places to be. Given the popularity of the region, there are some touristy approaches but the place still holds on to the old age cultures and traditions that are hardly talked about and is still very less known to the most of the world.


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