Why Plan Your Next Vacay At Hilton Head

The exceptional culture of enslaved West Africans who reside in the Sea Islands of South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida and Georgia, has left the world fascinated. The Gullah Geechee Corridor, which includes the Hilton Head Island preserves the African cultural and linguistic heritage than any other African-American community in the US.

If you have planned to visit this overwhelming destination, here are some of the places that you cannot afford to miss. Marked as one of the major activities in the Hilton head tours, the following places are worth the visit:

• Situated on Hilton Head Island, SC, Mitchelville was formed soon after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862. You can know more at Mitchelville Preservation Project.

Gullah neighborhoods are uniquely autonomous and hold on to the tradition that was prevalent in the late 1860s.

• Juke Joints are recreational points which have rustic dance halls with music and food

More activities to get involved

Hilton Head Island has been once again elected as one of the finest destinations by the leading travel portals for its immaculate beauty. Offering the ultimate coastal retreat, there are 300 tennis courts, 33 world-class golf courses, and fascinating history of the place which ages back to some centuries. If you think what else to do apart from sightseeing, the Hilton head tours can also include you hopping to different restaurants and choosing from a range of almost 250 and more cuisine shops. From waterfront seafood spots to elegant fine dining establishments, there is food for every taste bud.

While you are one the tour, do not miss the following highlights:

• Gullah Family Compounds
• Plantation Tabby Ruins
• Coastal Discover museum
• Old Debarkation Point
• Old One-room School House
• First Freedom Village Historic Marker

If you wish to know all about the unique tradition and culture of the Hilton Head Island, the expert tour guides from Gullaheritage.com will help you. They will provide all the required details and information you are seeking for. Explore the uniqueness to understand how this hidden gem of human civilization holds ones of the most compelling histories which is still lesser know to the world.

Gullah geechee culture


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