Three Main Things For Hilton Head Activities

A new adventure awaits around every corner in Hilton Head Island. Building of sandcastles and splash in the waves is what every family vacationers would love to enjoy. Beautiful weather, rich history, fresh seafood, and endless beaches is what make this place loved by every maverick traveler.

Harbour Town

One of the most common ways to enjoy the Hilton head activities is explore the Harbour Town Lighthouse. All you have to do is climb more than 100 steps to take in the view and find out about Hilton Head’s history and culture. Children can play at the nature-inspired Gregg Russell Playground, and it features a pristine playground. Stroll the shops and grab a bite, enjoy the part family reunion, and make the visit worthwhile.

Harbour Town

Adventure Cove

While there are plenty of regular golf courses for adults, there are well-maintained mini-golf courses at Adventure Cove which offers some non-sandy entertainment. Inside, the largest arcade in the area is a hot spot which is lovely place to enjoy during the rainy days.

Adventure Cove

Coastal Discovery Museum

Commune with butterflies, stroll trails lined with live with the oaks and gardens, discover the natural history and get close with the low country animals. The 68-acre land offers plenty of interactive experiences to find out about the nature and cultural heritage of South Carolina. The friendly alligator is one of the best things to enjoy here!

Coastal Discovery Museum

Coligny Plaza

Filled with restaurants, shops, sweet shops, movie, theater and live amusement and entertainment make Coligny “the” downtown Hilton Head destination. Shop for groceries, toys, mementos (such as the Piggly Wiggle tees!) and hang out to enjoy the special events and the concerts. At the kiosks, kids can get brief airbrush, hair braided, and henna tattoos, and all types of personalized items to bring home.

Coligny Plaza

Authentic culture of the Sea Islands Gullah is one of the most unique things you can enjoy in your vacation with your loved ones. Visit to know more about how you can book your trip to this amazing destination.


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