Why trip to Hilton Head is a perfect weekend getaway

Pristine sandy beaches, great golf courses and a diverse choice of activities, Hilton Head Island is a stunning touristy vacation in South Carolina. Interlaced with an extensive network of trails, this is a loved getaway place for those who love to explore places on foot or on bike.

About 42 square miles, Hilton Head has both public spaces and private communities and offers a plethora of activities which is almost impossible to cover in a single Hilton head tour.

Long-time islanders have always made fun how Hilton Head is nothing more than a southern extension of the Buckeye State. But if you visit the place, you will be engulfed with things such as charming historical walking tours, exploring the natural beauty, visiting the museums and more. , so if you are planning for a Hilton Head Vacation, there’s too much for you to enjoy!

Hilton Head Vacation

The Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor today, showcases the historic African-American communities in four most important southern coastal states. It holds on to the authentic taste of the culture of the Sea Islands which has the tragic history of surviving centuries of slavery.

Today, however, the place is one of the finest tourist destinations that bring out the story of the civilization and there are a number of Hilton head activities which might interest you. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

Gullah Museum of Hilton Head

Inaugurated in 2003, the Gullah museum is one of the highlights in the Hilton head tours. There are three different structures to visit on this property. One of them is the two one-room houses and a remodeled trailer. Each of these was inhabited by migrant workers who created their shelter in the native island families. These small and intimate structures are planned in a way that helps the visitors get a complete idea of the Gullah culture. It reflects the story of their bravery and sacrifices. There is a tour guide for every bunch of tourists who is generally a descendant of the enslaved community and wonderfully narrates the story of their past.

Gullah Heritage Trail Tours

This is one of the deluxe ways to roam around the island. All you need to do is schedule your tour early on so that you can board the bus that takes a two-hour tour and gives a complete outlook of the culture and tradition of the Gullah people. You can learn about the Gullah language, cuisines, crafts, music, art, religion and other enthralling historical facts. The tour allows tourists to have a look at the Gullah family compounds, schoolhouses, plantations, and other landmarks which hold onto the history of the beginnings of the folks. The tours generally run on all days except for any special holiday or other declared closing.

sweetgrass baskets

Coastal Discovery Museum

This iconic museum on Hilton Head has preserved an assortment of Gullah art exhibits, crafts and sweetgrass baskets that portray the culture of the place and the people. Both self-guided and guided tours are available for tourists. Sometimes, they hold the cultural and natural excursions for those who are interested. An interesting part of the tour is where tourists can learn how to weave the sweetgrass basket from a local Gullah basket maker at a nominal price. The American Gullah Collection, gorgeous and colorful paintings depicting the story of the West African slaves are the other temporary art exhibits which are also shown in the place.

The Gullah culture, which was once looked down upon is one of the most absorbing places to visit. A trip to this Sea Island can indeed be a lifetime experience!

hilton head activities


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