Hilton Head Activities You Must Not Miss

Interested to take part in a charming historical walking tour in the Gullah Geechee corridor? Want to indulge in knowing a bit about their heritage?

To recognize the native culture of the Gullah Geechee people who now stays in the Sea Islands and coastal areas of North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia, there is the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor established by the U.S. Congress.

The Hilton head activities are many and who are interested in culture and Gullah Heritage Trail Tours can enjoy the following places:

Juke points

Juke joints

The late 1940’s had many Gullah neighborhoods which had the popular, rustic dance halls where music, food and drinks were served. The place was called the juke joints. With the mainland people reaching the Island, this concept became more popular and more scopes of urban entertainment technology reached this sea island. About a 12 mile stretch of Hilton Head Island beach, this place served as points for church picnics before there were resorts made here.

Coastal Discovery Museum

Coastal Discovery Museum

This iconic museum on Hilton Head has been responsible for preserving many of the Gullah art exhibits, crafts and sweetgrass baskets. Both self-guided and guided tours are available as a part of the Hilton head activities. Interested people can also take part in the cultural and natural excursions where if one is interested to learn how to weave the sweetgrass basket from a local Gullah basket maker at a nominal fee. Temporary art exhibits mainly include The American Gullah Collection, gorgeous and colorful paintings depicting the story of the West African slaves who were brought to South Carolina.

mitchelville freedom park


Situated on Hilton Head Island, SC, Mitchelville represents one of the most interesting displays of the Gullah Cultural Heritage Corridor. Speaking of culture, heritage and tradition, this legacy and the aesthetics is not just limited to urban etiquette but brings out the rare beauty of the place. For those who are more interested can get further information about Mitchelville Preservation Project.

Gullah geechee culture

Tourists who are interested to know about the Gullah culture, or are planning a vacation, can get interesting facts about the Gullah tradition from the local guides. Get in touch with the Trail tour organizers by visiting Gullaheritage.com or call 1-843-681-7066 and get free information about the tours.

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