Simple Things to Make Your Hilton Stay Memorable

Hilton Head tours are so arranged that the visitors can have a complete understanding of the Gullah culture. Although there’s so much to enjoy that it’s nearly impossible to make a complete trip in just a weekend.

After the Emanciapation Proclamation was declared, some of the descendants of slaves from West Africa to the “Rice Coast” in the South Carolina and Georgia Lowcountry went away to their original state to Hilton Head Island and its Union Army outpost. However, some chose to stay back and are the proud Gullah Geechee people who lives in the Gullah Geechee Corridor.

There are plenty of things to do in hilton head while you are going for Hilton Head Vacation, more if you are interested in culture and history. Here’s some you can try:

Stoney Baynard Ruins

Visit the Plantation Ruins

Visit the main house as well as attendant slave quarters. These are preserved forever within the six-acre Baynard Ruins Park. Tourists can also visit the ruins of the pre-Civil War home to get a feel of how the people sacrificed and bravely fought to get them out of the nerve-racking torture of slavery.

Gullah neighborhoods

Gullah neighborhoods

By visiting the Gullah neighborhoods, one can have a look at the essential craftsmen, Praise House, food processing mills and other things that make up the culture. This is a model structure that displays how people live in the 1860s.

Hilton Head tours

Witness the sunset by the beach

Nature tourism is one of the finest interests at while enjoying a vacay in this Island. You can spend the day relaxing on the pristine beaches and enjoy a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean. Outdoor activities such as paragliding are available for the younger people.

Gullah Foods.JPG

Enjoy the local cuisine

Gastronomy holds a special part in understanding the roots of any form of tribe, so you should get yourself indulged in the incredible assortment of restaurants that are now formed in the Island to entertain the tourists with the authentic taste of the Gullah’s dining.

Planning for touring with your loved ones this weekend? Schedule the tours with friends and family at or dial 1-843-681-7066 to find out about their timings and itinerary. This treasured sea island has been recently developed into a popular tourist destination and you are most definitely going to enjoy every bit of the stay!

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